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July 8, 2020

When you’ve invested in human hair extensions, maintenance becomes incredibly important. If you want your hair to stay healthy and keep your extensions looking great, it’s necessary to make regular appointments at your local salon.

Maintenance appointments explained

During your hair extensions fitting, speak to your stylist about how often they recommend you come in for hair extension maintenance. Every fitter will have a different opinion about what’s required so there’s no exact answer to how many appointments are necessary.

During your maintenance appointments, your extensions will either be moved up or replaced. This ensures that your extensions keep looking natural and that they don’t damage your natural hair.

Hair extension replacement appointments

A replacement appointment generally takes place every 4 – 6 weeks and would involve attaching new hair or replacing missing bonds.

The new extensions will keep your hair looking great and the new bonds will ensure that everything is still staying in place while allowing your natural hair to keep growing. If you don’t lose too many bonds inbetween appointments, your hair can be continually refreshed, allowing you to keep your extensions in for longer periods. Jadore Hair Supplies Australia will also help you maintain your extensions at home.

Hair Extensions lift appointment

A hair extension lift appointment usually takes place every 6 – 8 weeks and involves moving the extension back to its original place as your natural hair grows and moves it down. No new hair is added during these appointments.

Why do my extensions need regular maintenance

While Jadore Hair Supplies Australia will certainly help you maintain your hair extensions at home, this isn’t enough on its own.

Regular appointments ensure that your hair extensions fitter can monitor and assess your hair on a regular basis. This means making sure that your hair is still growing correctly, that your scalp is in good condition and that your extensions haven’t matted or tangled.

Maintenance appointments can also be used to trim your extensions so that your hair is always in good condition and looks great.

By not scheduling regular maintenance appointments, your hair extensions may not last as long as they could.

What about fitters who don’t offer maintenance appointments?

No reputable hair extensions fitter won’t offer maintenance appointments. If this is the case, rather don’t let them fit your extensions. Maintenance is an incredibly important part of protecting your extensions and your natural hair and every fitter knows that. If your fitter can’t offer you regular maintenance, this is a big red flag.

Hair extension maintenance at home

While your maintenance appointments are important, it’s also up to you to care for your extensions inbetween your appointments. Speak to your fitter about how to care for your extensions at home, what brush to use and the best products to buy for shampooing and conditioning.

It’s important that you know how to wash, dry and style your extensions if you want to make them last as long as possible so get as much information as you can before you leave your salon.

Justin Hunter

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