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July 8, 2020

To choose the best Name Necklace, you must take into account the following general recommendations that we make:

The accessories should always go according to the situation. Not the same choose a necklace for the pool than to go to an event of night. Remember that less is more. So if you bet on a dress that draws attention, it is better to choose more simple types of necklaces to harmonize. If on the contrary, you choose a dress or look very simple, you can choose a Name Necklace that stands out from the rest.

Types of necklaces according to your neckline

  1. Kinds of more successful necklaces for the strapless neckline

This type of neckline leaves no other options than the types of large and knotted necklaces near the neck. If you put one more long, in addition to not befriend not highlight the dress. The best thing, as you see, is to bet on colours that stand out on the dress and give light to your face.

  1. Most successful types of necklaces for boat neckline

The boat neckline is one of the most elegant necklines there is. Since by itself, it is very elegant. The necklaces more simple you will wear a neck over long and stylized.

  1. Types of more successful necklaces for V-neck

The neckline V, increases visually chest. So if you want to enhance this, you should bet on V-shaped necklaces too. None of round collars or forms very large. So you’ll look much thinner and taller than if you bet on necklaces that do not respect the harmony of the neckline. There is no doubt, the types of necklaces that most favour the V-neck, are those that have the same shape as the neckline.

  1. As you can see in the image, there is no better necklace than the one that has the same shape as the neckline, in this case round. It is going to favour you a lot. If you want to know what type of neckline suits you best according to your body type, then do a deep search on internet.
  2. Necklaces according to the type of face: The thin faces combine well with necklaces with angled shapes (triangles, diamond-shaped, rectangle shaped). Faces with markings and right angles should avoid the previous collars, betting on soft shapes, circles or stones.

Justin Hunter

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