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July 8, 2020

Identifying a need and then meeting it is not the only key to successful business. Another key is finding ways to let potential customers know that you offer a product or service they can actually benefit from. Perception plays a significant role in doing that. How people perceive a product or service greatly influences any purchase decisions they may make about that product or service.

Plant-based skincare is a splendid example of this principle. Americans have a virtually endless selection of skincare products to choose from. Some of those products are made exclusively with synthetic ingredients. Others contain only natural ingredients. Still others offer a combination of both. So cutting through all the noise in order to sell plant-based skincare requires understanding customer perceptions.

There are numerous reasons plant-based skincare seems better to a core group of consumers. Here are just three of them:

1. Plant-Based Is Better for the Skin

The whole concept behind purchasing skincare products is to take good care of your skin so as to protect against environmental exposure and the natural effects of aging. In that regard, one might even consider skincare products to be healthcare products as well. This tells the average consumer that product choices need to be made in light of what is best for a person’s skin.

In simple terms, plant-based skincare is perceived as being better for the skin. Plant-based ingredients are natural ingredients that work with the body’s own mechanisms for protecting the skin. For right or for wrong, synthetic ingredients are viewed as not being as effective or as safe.

2. Plant-Based Is Good for Overall Health

The second reason ties in with the concept of overall good health. Being in a culture that now seems obsessed with health, people are more prone to developing a core set of daily practices and activities that accentuate good health in a variety of aspects. That naturally leads to a health-centered approach to skincare products.

If you are someone determined to live a healthy lifestyle in every respect, you are going to be very careful about the products you use. You are going to be careful to avoid synthetic ingredients in everything from cleaning solutions to cosmetics. You are likely to use plant-based skincare because it is more in line with your healthy living goals.

3. Plant-Based Is Better for the Environment

Last but not least is the growing desire among American consumers to make purchase decisions with respect to environmental friendliness. Younger generations are more environmentally conscious than their forebears, and they pay attention to things such as manufacturing processes and animal testing. The general consensus is that plant-based skincare is better for the environment.

Buying plant-based skincare products gives consumers an opportunity to follow their environmental convictions without having to give up their skincare goals. It is a win-win in every respect. If anything, the only downside is finding the right skincare products.

Poethique, a Boston area skincare company offering only plant-based products, says that the industry is gradually becoming more accepting of companies that choose to stay away from synthetic ingredients. In reality, they do not have any other choice. Consumers are demanding more plant-based products to work with, and consumer demand is always the number one driving factor in retail. At the end of the day, manufacturers will make whatever consumers want.

There are other reasons plant-based skincare is perceived as being better. Regardless of what motivates a particular consumer, companies like Poethique are answering the need with plant-based facial oils, cleansing milks, moisturizers, and exfoliates. They are creating happy customers as a result.

Justin Hunter

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