August 15, 2013

Tips for Women Surviving the Dating Scene after Fifty

Being nervous to be in the dating scene at plus fifty years old is somewhat understandable. Have the rules changed? Will I make a good first impression? Am I interesting enough? These are just some of the questions for anyone that may come up while deciding whether to take the leap or not.

Women today survive the dating scene because they know what they’ve got. They’re mature, independent and experienced about life. Few people claim to have a better personality when they were younger. There is much to appreciate about older women that separates them from their younger counterparts. Here are some tips to make yourself more intriguing and interesting to others:

Get Out There

Go out and expose yourself where you can potentially widen your network. Agree to go out with dateable men and enjoy their company. You can’t meet new people unless you get over your fears and apprehension. Define Dateable

Don’t settle for just about anyone. Stop dating someone who doesn’t make you feel good about yourself. You didn’t spend your years building your self-esteem only to have someone break it for you after a few dates. By all means, quit. There are always better men out there who will appreciate your worth.

Stop Looking in the Wrong Places

Sometimes, you spend so much time waiting and looking around in one particular place when you could be in another place already where prospects are more plenty. If you’ve been trying in one place for more than three monthsthen stop wasting your time and look elsewhere.

Focus on Your Places of Interest Instead

It’s more likely that you will meet someone who shares your passion while doing something you love. Are you the intellectual kind? Join quiz nights. Do you love reading while soaking under the sun? Go plan beach trips every weekend. Are you selfless and love charity work? Why not volunteer and join advocacies?

These are just some tips to jumpstart your quest for a lifetime companion. The journey might not be easy but if you believe that somewhere out there, someone is waiting for you too, you will eventually get there.

About the Author: Belinda was a divorced mother of 3 before meeting her now husband through a dating site for over 50 years old men and women.