July 21, 2013

Working From Home? Make A Perfect Home Office

Do you want to work from home? You need to create a comfortable and organised office with enough space to work in.

The first thing you should do is to choose a room that is far away from the living area because a lot of noise is bound to come into it. If it has to be located close to a noisy area of the house, you can make it sound proof. This will ensure that outside interference cannot leak into your home office. Hearing people talking or the sounds of a car pulling up in the garage can be very disruptive thus making you less productive.

Choosing office furniture can be difficult especially if it is your first time. Take the following into consideration when choosing your furniture: Space availability

The first thing you need to do is asses how much office space is available. If you underestimate or overestimate the amount of space available you can end up having a cluttered, or in another case a bare looking office. When measuring the amount of space, you should take your doorways and windows into account. If you want your desk to overlook a window, don't forget to consider that when measuring your space. Time spent in office

How long will you stay in your office per day? This will help you in choosing the most comfortable office desk and chair. If you spend an hour or two per day in your office, you can just get a stylish chair to sit on. However, if you plan on spending the whole day in the office, you need to get a very comfortable chair to prevent straining your back and neck while working.

You should definitely choose furniture that fits your body type. For instance, a tall person might need a longer table so that their legs can fit underneath. An interesting option is to get adjustable desks and chairs that they can easily adjust. If you get comfortable furniture, you will be able to sit in it for many hours and you will become more productive as a result.

As for the chair, you should choose the one that supports your spine the best. A well supported spine will ensure that you have a healthy back and will cut on your medical bills in the long run.


Take your budget into consideration. The type of furniture you purchase will ultimately depend on the amount of money at your disposal. If you are on a tight budget, you can buy a set of furniture as it would be cheaper than buying separate pieces. Buy furniture that you can stand to be around if you want to have a serene working environment. Also, under no circumstance save money on your chair!


You can either chose a retro look or modern looking furniture. If you want your office to look retro, antique furniture is the way to go because it looks classy and traditional. Do not forget comfort when choosing traditional furniture - you should think of comfort above all else. Modern furniture has pleasant ergonomics but might be too futuristic to fit into overall house design.

Of course, always choose what is most pleasant to you. Your significant other and children can have their say in how your office will look, but keep in mind that you will be the one that spends time in it every day, so let your imagination run wild.

Author's Bio:
Mark has a lovely wife and awesome children, but he needs his peace when working. That is why he sound proofed his comfortable office and made it as pleasant to spend time in as he could.