June 27, 2013

Shopping for Musical Instruments

My preferences for shopping have changed ever since I had kids. Well I still drool over bags, shoes and jewelries but it just ends to that as I won’t have any budget left to do shopping for myself because all my extra money goes to shopping for my kids.

Like now, my husband and I are trying to save as we want to buy a drum set for B. She has been attending drum lessons for 2 months now and we know that she is enjoying it so much.

After drums, B said that she is interested to learn how to play the piano too so we are looking to buy Digital Pianos at WWBW also.

So I guess my purse and jewelry ban will be extended for an indefinite number of years. LOL. But it is all good as I know that my daughter is enjoying it and whatever makes my kids happy, then it makes me the happiest mom.