June 08, 2013

Project Healthy

I haven’t stepped on our weighing scale for months now because I dread to find out what my weight is now because for sure I have gained. Well I actually can’t expect to lose weight especially if I am not doing anything and I have been eating like a pig. LOL.

But aside from looking sexy, it is way more than that because my husband and I should really be health conscious for the sake of our kids. I am not the gym type of person and I don’t think I can work out at home with a treadmill.

So my husband and I are thinking that maybe we can try biking. It looks fun so we will not see it as a burden but as a good bonding moment for us every morning as we bike around the community.

So I am looking at good and affordable brand of bikes and kuat racks so when hubby comes home in 2 weeks, we can buy our bike and hopefully start living a healthy lifestyle.