March 23, 2013

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Hotel

When traveling, your chosen hotel becomes your “home” for the duration of your stay. Most people spend the longest time choosing which hotel they will be staying in aside from planning the itinerary of their trip. This is because your chosen hotel becomes “your home away from home”. It’s important to choose one that fits your needs and budget at the same time. For example, you would need to choose child-friendly hotels when traveling with your children.

Location is obviously one of the most important factors to consider. You have to find a hotel close to places you plan to visit. It should be near tourist attractions, restaurants, medical services, shopping centers, and transportation services. Having these important areas just a few minutes away from your hotel helps you save more money. This can also help when you need to go back and rest in between sightseeing. This especially holds true when going to theme parks.

Therefore, before booking a hotel, take a look at the various tourist attractions around the place. Or while mapping out your itinerary, take note of various hotels that are within your planned itinerary and try to choose one which is most central to your destinations.

Facilities and Features (Hotel Amenities)
The hotel's features and facilities are usually the main factors that entice many people. Pay attention to particular features that are important for you though.

For instance, traveling with your children would be easier if you look for hotels with swimming pools and kids' clubs. If having internet connection is important for you, you might want to narrow your list down to those hotels that offer free Wi-Fi connection.

Services Offered
You're also going to need good services at the hotel, therefore make it a point to check out the quality of services that the particular hotel offers. If traveling with kids, a 24-7 medical doctor on duty and/or babysitting services are important. If going on a business trip or if on connecting flights, you might want to have excellent and efficient ironing and laundry services. One of the things you should also look into is the type of food they offer – if they are just offering one cuisine or more and if they offer room-in services.

Price is usually a determining factor when booking hotel accommodations. Do not be limited by the price though when choosing hotels to book. There are many discounts and promo rates that hotels usually offer but do not publish, usually from affiliates.

For example, booking online through a hotel search engine web site would be cheaper than booking directly with them. You can also save more by booking early.

Client/Customer Feedback and Reviews
Travelers usually enjoy sharing their experiences of and reviews about the places they visit. These reviews can be a valuable tool to determine if your prospective hotel is worth staying in. Browse travel forums, hotel review sites, and other social media to check others' recommendations. These honest opinions from travelers' first-hand experiences may help you in your decision.

Nothing beats coming “home” after a day’s worth of traveling and sightseeing. Choose “your home away from home” well.

About the Author: A frequent traveler who has mastered the art of choosing the best quality yet affordable hotels when she travels, Martha Blythe prefers to call Comfort Inn Hotel in Memphis Tennessee her home when she travels to Tennessee.