February 15, 2013

World's 5 Biggest Sale Events You Don't Want To Miss

All year round, clothing brands and retail outlets bring out their best sales. Everyone has the choice between store locations or online shopping. People flock to the nearest outlet or stick glued to their computer screens. There are so many events to look out for, and they often come with the season. Here are some sales and promotions that people from Australia and all over the world always look forward to.

Black Friday Sale

This is one of the most sought after sales in the U.S. and Canada. It is held before the Christmas season on the day after Thanksgiving. Stores open as early as midnight to welcome avid shoppers. To share the event with the rest of the world, Cyber Black Friday deals are available online. Sales go up as high as 90 percent off. It is not something to be missed if consumers are hunting for a great bargain.

Boxing Day Sale
This is a day most anticipated for shoppers everywhere in the Commonwealth Nations including Australia, Hong Kong, New Zealand and Canada. It is traditionally held on the 26th of December, the day after Christmas. It is also considered a public or bank holiday. Boxing Day is recognized as one of the biggest sales of the year with drastic drops in item prices.

Shoppers begin lining up outside stores as early as the day before. This is one of the days where retail security measures are heightened. Consumers immerse themselves in the frenzy of all-too affordable products. For those unable to join in the stampede of excited bargain hunters, stores created Cyber Boxing Day so the frenzy can be experienced online.

New Year’s Day Sale
New Year sales are also known as New Year clearance sales. Some store locations even start this sale on New Year’s Eve. The products at these sales are usually leftovers from the Boxing Day or other Christmas season sales. Retailers would want to get rid of the rest of the remaining stock left in their inventories. Clearance sale prices go even lower than those on Boxing Day. Stores usually stay open late on both New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day regardless of it being a holiday.

Back-to-School Sale
Sales peak during public holidays and seasonal changes. The school season has sales to look forward to for students, parents and teachers alike. School supply prices drop as early as June. Traditionally, the sales were held during August or closer to the actual opening of classes. Store locations compete on price reductions for optimum customer sales. Online retailers such as Amazon join in the price drop as well.

Valentine’s Day Sale
Couples and single people both look forward to this day. For couples, the reasons are obvious. Singles even get to splurge on all the chocolate that goes on sale. Consumers go on sprees before Valentine’s Day because of the cheap sweets, flowers and jewelry. Restaurants also have Valentine’s Day specials and promotions. Not everyone may be in a relationship, but they surely get something special out of the season.

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Written by Kyla Houston