March 28, 2010

Jollibee Delivery Service

Jollibee only offers one method if you want to order from them - you just have to dial 8-7000. What I like about their system is that they maintain a database based on the contact number that you use to call them so they just have to verify the delivery address that they got from their database instead of asking the same information from the callers every time they place an order.

Jollibee also offers a wider variety for their breakfast menu as compared to McDo. Even their chicken joy meals and burger meals are available for breakfast and they even give free newspaper.

They accept cash, credit cards and Citi Mobile as their mode of payment. They guarantee delivery within 30 minutes and so far they never fail to deliver within their time limit.

The cons of Jollibee delivery service for me:

• Every time I choose to pay via credit card, there will always be a glitch – either the delivery boy doesn’t know how to operate the credit card machine, or the credit card machine is low battery so they can’t allow me to use my credit card to pay for my order. But maybe this problem is just particular for the Jollibee branch that is near our house and some branches will not have this glitch.
• They have a minimum required order of P200 so even if I only need to order for myself, I will be ordering extra to meet their minimum requirement for delivery.