February 14, 2009


I have been cupped. At least that is how I hear Hollywood actress refer to Ventusa. Ventusa is a form of alternative medicine therapy which my husband claims to relaxes the muscles and releases toxins in the body. Ventusa is becoming popular because it is being used in spas and salons now that even Hollywood actresses have been trying it.

In order to perform Ventusa, you need a tall glass, some paper and a match or a lighter. What my hubby did was form a cone using old newspaper, then she puts the top part of the cone on fire while it lies on my back and then cover it with the tall glass. The glass will then be sucked by my skin and my skin will starts ballooning and you can see the pores on my skin opening.

My hubby said that his family has been using this therapy for as long as he can remember and he has been insisting to do it with me every time I complain for muscle pains. And since I was really so stress yesterday, that instead of looking for TV wall mount on the net, I decided to just lie in bed and let hubby perform the Ventusa on me.

Now I have several polka dot spots on my back but it was really relaxing. Now I understand why hubby loves Ventusa.