March 12, 2014

Jewelry Talk

I am so excited for this:

My friends and I ordered our personalized necklace but there is a lead time of 1-2 weeks upon approval of the layout. This Saturday will be Jacobo’s moving up day. This would have been perfect for the dress that I am planning to wear for the event but I don’t think it will be delivered by Saturday. But I am sure there will be more upcoming events where I can wear this beauty, like the Baptism of our youngest.

February 04, 2014

B's Rock Star Photo Shoot

It was a busy weekend for us as we scheduled 2 day of photo shoots in preparation for the Birthday party of my daughter.

It will be a Rock star Concert theme and hubby wants to have the photo shoot last weekend so he can start making the tarpaulin, save the date cards, invitations, AVP and more as early as possible.

Hubby was the one who is busy for this shoot that he even borrowed this electric guitar from his officemate as props for the shoot.

He also checked out brass instruments that B can use as an additional accessories for her Rock Star shoot.

I must say that it was a successful shoot as we were able to get some nice pictures. I will post it soon in my other blog so watch out for it.

Accepting Orders: Monogram Pendants

Do you know what is the “in” thing now about fashion accessories? Monogram pendants just like this one that Taylor Swift is wearing:

A friend just discovered a jewellery make who is the supplier of famous online seller so she was able to get hers for just a fraction of the online price. Of course we all got excited when she shared it with us as we all want to have our own monogram pendant too. And the best thing is that my friend was able to negotiate a bulk order price if we will be able to produce a minimum of 10 orders.

Just look at the necklace that my friend got:

So if you want to join our bulk order, just leave a comment here so I can send you details and prices:

January 29, 2014

New Items for January

I just received in the mail today new items for sale from my bag and watch supplier. I have uploaded all the items in my Facebook and Instagram account so please check it out.

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner so if you are looking for the perfect gift that will never fail to put a smile on your wife or girlfriend’s face, then check out the Michael Kors watches, Kate Spade, Coach and Gucci bags that I am selling on my online store.

January 15, 2014

Pool Party Ideas for Kids

You can have a fabulous pool party at a public pool or at home. Public pools usually come with water slides or a kid’s play area to keep children entertained. There are usually shaded tables and chairs and a cafeteria for convenience. You may prefer to take along a picnic blanket and find a large shaded area where you can group together. A home swimming pool means convenience; you don’t have to pack the car and everyone comes to your place. It is only a matter of personal choice.


For younger kids, send an aquatic invitation on a deflated swim ring. They can then inflate the ring and bring the swim ring with them to the pool party. Older kids might like an invitation on a water gun. You could even attach an invitation to a Hawaiian lei. Use your imagination and if you are having a themed party, choose an invitation relevant to the pool party theme.

Have some organised games

Kids will create their own fun but some organised games might be fun. They could play the reliable Marco Polo, pool volleyball, have a scavenger hunt, have a ball or rubber duck race or just play a game of tag in the pool where you are safe if you are touching the side of the pool.

So you don’t have a pool?

Photo Credit: Jojo Francisco Photography
No problem! Kids will have just as much fun with an inflatable pool. Organise games in and around this pool. You could organise a scavenger hunt, where water friendly heavy items are put in the pool and whoever finds the most is the winner. You could use the pool as a centrepiece for ball games or sponge relay races. There are dozens of games that can be organised around an inflatable pool.

Have a theme

Whatever your child is currently into, arrange a theme around that. You could host a pirate pool party or a mermaid pool party. Try and have some food specific to the theme and decorate accordingly. Kids will find this very exciting!

Serve appropriate food

Many children become very hungry when swimming and can get over excited. Make sure to provide refreshing drinks. Instead of straight soft drink, why not make a cooling punch with fruit pieces or tinned fruit salad and add lemonade or juice. Make sure kids have something substantial to eat instead of just snacking. A sausage sizzle, sandwiches or small servings of hot food is a good idea. Allow them to have enough rest time after eating.
As soon as kids know they will be having a pool party, the excitement will never stop until the day of the pool party arrives. Pool parties do not have to be super organised; kids will be just as happy with or without games. Children have the delightful talent of creating their own fun, so just supervise and let them go for it. If hosting a pool party at home, for health and safety reasons, check out for ideas on keeping your pool in tip top swimming condition.

Kim Blair
Content Writer SF